Ylang-ylang Essential Oil


Ylang-ylang means 'flower of flowers and also called perfume tree.

The tree grows to a height of 60 feet, and there are three varieties with different coloured flowers - pink, mauve and yellow. Ylang Ylang tree is commonly found in the rain forests of certain Asian and South Pacific Islands like Indonesia, Philippines, Java, Sumatra, Comoro and Polynesia.

The best essential oil comes from the yellow flowered tree. The finest of all comes from flowers picked early in the morning in early summer. The essential oil of ylang-ylang is extracted by steam distillation of fresh flowers. Along with its widespread use in perfumes and aromatherapy treatments due to its very pleasing and delicate fragrance, ylang-ylang essential oil is also used for a variety of medicinal purposes.





Using Ylang-ylang Essential Oil



Ylang Ylang essential oil is an effective anti-septic and can be used on wound to inhibit growth of bacterial infections. As the oil is very calming to the emotions, it also helps calm the body, as it is an effective agent for lowering high blood pressure. Ylang Ylang is also a protector of the body´s nervous system, as it reverses any nerve damage, reduces stress and protects the nerves, and strengthens the entire nervous system. Ylang Ylang essential oil contains a high amount of sesquiterpenes, a class of organic compounds found mostly in plants. These compounds stimulate the liver and endocrine glands, giving the oil its antispasmodic and sedative properties. These properties allow to oil to be calming, healing, relaxing, and euphoric to the mind and body.




Ylang Ylang can be used in skincare remedies, as its properties include cell regeneration. The oil induces production of sebum in the skin, deeming it suitable for oily skin, dry skin, cracked skin, and mature skin.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is wonderful addition to body care products, with applications specifically for hair and skin care and known to assist in balancing the moisture level of the skin.

Treats split ends when combined with carrier oil and applied to the tips of the hair.



Effect on Mind & Spirit


Ylang Ylang essential oil is one of the oldest known anti-depressants. The oil assists with anxiety, sadness, and nervous tension, by uplifting the mood and inducing feelings of excitement, joy, happiness, and hopefullness. Ylang Ylang is also a wonderful aphrodisiac.


The oil may be used for lack of libido, frigidity, and issues with releasing stress. The oil also works for calming and balancing the emotions during times of high stress, crisis, tension, or depression. The oil allows one´s mind to be at ease when there is tension with others, as it softens one´s mental beliefs and allows calmness of the mind and body.


Bath & Sauna


Put a few drops in a hot bath to help relieve nervous tension, stress or just general crankiness. Again, also good for fatigue, exhaustion and especially insomnia. It's a good idea to mix the drops in a small amount of milk first and then add.


Diffused In Air


Put a few drops in a diffuser to help relieve anxiety, tension, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, stress and depression. Also good if you are feeling physically exhausted.



Use on its own or as part of a blend in a carrier oil for aromatherapy massage. This can be especially helpful with anger, frustration, tension, stress and insomnia.





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