Spruce Hemlock Essential Oil


Spruce Hemlock for us is considered almost sacred scent. Spruce trees grow for many years, and can live up to 1000 years of age. One famous member of older Spruce tree community is tree named Old Tjikko. It is a 9,550 year old Norway Spruce tree, located on Fulufjllet Mountain of Dalarna province in Sweden. Because of their growth potential, and fact that it's a tree we take care in harvesting Spruce needles in sustainable manner. More work needs to be done by us and public in general to plant and protect more of older spruce growth.


Spruce trees are amazing. There are so many medicinal ways to use them! Not only medicinal, even as food and lemonade can be made out of needles of these trees. Great article about spruce trees can be found here: wildfoodsandmedicines.com


Proponents of aromatherapy use spruce oil as a relaxant. Many people find that a few drops of spruce oil in a bath, or applied after bathing, to be soothing. Since spruce oil is known to have some antimicrobial properties, some people use essential oil diffusers to help purify their indoor environment. Spruce, balsam, and pine oils are common fragrances in scented candles, and are particularly popular during the Christmas or winter holidays.


Spruce essential oil has been used as a topical application for muscular aches and pains, poor circulation to alleviate pain from arthritis and muscle. The essential oil of spruce is also used topically to alleviate coughs and chest congestion.







Using Spruce Hemlock Essential Oil


Mind & Spirit

Spruce Hemlock for us is considered almost sacred scent. Spruce needles are very juicy and filled with essential oils that are extremely flammable! Its fiery power and at the same time calm cool scent are traits that give this oil its fundamental traits. When we have hemlock scent in our house, you get very powerful flash feeling of being in a forest. This scent has power to shape your mind state to reflect what you would feel like being in forest. With that you get clarity of thought and inner calmness. The fiery aspect of oil is reflected in calm flow of energy, of will power that this oil brings about. This essential oil is great to use in office space during a day of great undertaking.

Diffused In Air

Add several drops to steaming water (vapor therapy) to support respiratory function especially during cold and flu season. Out of personal experience, this oil really does help during cold season. It seems that it has strong antibacterial properties that kill off excessive bacteria in repertory system, and thus help one recover faster. Every fall and spring season when colds and flues are around, this oil is put by our group at Eco-Oils under good use.




  • Circulation & water metabolism: What spruce hemlock is known for is in promoting healthy water metabolism. To utilize this oil in this way simply add 4 drops spruce oil to 1 oz. lotion or massage oil, we recommend organic jojoba oil and massage into muscles and joints. This also enhances circulation.



  • Infections: Being very strong antibacterial agent, spruce hemlock essential oils has power to combat fairly large spectrum of bacteria and other infections. At Eco-oils we had personal success treating warts, and wounds that were not healing. Be careful not to put it directly on open wound, and dilute it during initial use.
  • Fatigue: Definitely this essential oil is for that. As we have already mentioned in Mind and Spirit section if this page, aroma of this essential oils does miracles with fatigue. It is definitely not mood up-lifter, but it helps one to calm mind focus and discover inner strength. Simply add 10 - 20 drops to your table top diffuser, or rub a drop of oil between your hands and inhale aroma.



  • Spruce Hemlock is very powerful disinfectant. It can and should be used as part of everyday cleaning process. At Eco-Oils all of our members use it with great success. Next time you think of cleaning table or floor add 5 - 10 drops of oil to cloth or water. As you clean your house, you will also disinfect both surface and air with it. This will work very well for you and keep infection, bugs and to some extend mold infections away from your house.
  • Added to the rinse cycle in the laundry will keep dishrags from smelling stale and kill various bacteria that might be lurking in your clothes. It is perfectly safe to use with cloth diapers, for example.
  • If you hand wash dishes use ten drops or so added to the bottle of dish soap to make it antibacterial.



  • Not recommended for pregnant women and infants.
    Individuals with serious and chronic health issues should consult an expert prior to using oils.




We are constantly on lookout for more information about this herb. If you know something about clary sage or any other essential oil please share your experience.



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