Neroli & Jojoba Oil Blend


Did you know that it takes at least 1,000 pounds of orange blossom flowers just to make one pound of Neroli oil? No wonder it's the most expensive among citrus essential oils. Neroli oil actually offers many impressive uses and benefits, so get to know more about this valuable essential oil.


Neroli oil is produced by steam-distilling the fragrant flowers of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium), which is cultivated in the Western parts of India, Eastern Africa, and the Himalayas. During the mid-1500s, the Spaniards brought the tree back to St. Augustine, Florida, where it thrived and was exported by 1763. This is why Florida became known as one of the world's largest producer of oranges, with the orange blossom flower and fruit even regarded as official state symbols. Today, orange blossom trees are also commercially grown in Morocco, France, Tunisia, and Egypt.

Neroli oil was named after the 16th century Princess Anna Maria de La Tremoille of Nerola, Italy, who loved the fragrant orange blossom scent and introduced it to Italy. Both Duchess Marie Antoinette and the French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte loved Neroli oil, using it every day as a fragrance or aftershave.


Most of the parts of the bitter orange are valued for their strong but alluring fragrance, and are vital in the fragrance industry. The essential oil comes from the orange peel, the leaves are used to make petitgrain oil, and the flowers are distilled to make Neroli (or orange blossom) oil.





Using Neroli Essential Oil with Jojoba


Neroli oil has many beneficial and health-promoting properties. It acts as an antiseptic, disinfectant, antispasmodic, bactericidal, antidepressant, and sedative. These useful benefits make it efficient for:

  • Treating cuts and wounds: It can be a substitute for anti-tetanus in emergency cases. Simply dab a diluted solution around the wound - this will keep your wound safe from infections until you can go to a doctor for a proper anti-tetanus injection.
  • Killing bacteria: It can also relieve skin conditions that are caused by bacteria. Help with acne problems.
  • Maintaining normal blood pressure levels: Study published in Alternative Medicine found that Neroli oil may aid in blood pressure control. The researchers found that participants who inhaled an aromatherapy blend of Neroli had a significant improvement in their blood pressure and stress hormone cortisol levels.


Neroli oil is also a tonic that can help promote proper circulation, healthy metabolism, and immune system support.



Mind & Spirit

When used topically, Neroli oil works an antidepressant that has a soothing and calming effect on your mind and body. It eases tension and anxiety and uplifts your mood. It can also relax your nervous system.


  • Skin Care:Neroli oil can help stimulate the growth of new cells, supporting your skin's renewal process. It's said to work for all skin types and conditions.





  • Not recommended for pregnant women and infants.
    Individuals with serious and chronic health issues should consult an expert prior to using oils.




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