How to Use Essential Oils

It often takes several kilograms of leaves to distill 10ml of oil. By their nature essential oils are highly concentrated version of herbal plant they are distilled form. With that in mind essential oils are very, very powerful substances and should be used with great care, respect, and knowledge. Very few types of oils can be used on skin without diluting. Please learn as much as possible about your oil before use!


Please pick a plant of interest

Calendula Camphor White Cedarwood Himalayan


Chamomile Roman Clary Sage Cypress

Damask Rose Eucalyptus Frankincense

Geranium Ginger Grapefruit Pink

Jasmine & Jojoba Lavender Lemon


Lemongrass Myrrh Neroli & Jojoba

Orange Oregano Wild Patchouli

Peppermint Rosehip & Rosewood Rosemary


Rosewood Spruce Hemlock Tea Tree


Ylang Ylang    



Because essential oils have been used for thousands of years before modern medicine, their use as medicinal substance is not patentable; this makes no sense for corporations to invest their money in to their research as they won't be able to protect their findinds with a patten. At the same time we have transitioned to a modern technocratic era and have vastly forgotten what our ancestors knew about herbal plants and their uses. Not too long ago essential oils were highly praised for their powerful mood enhancing and medicinal properties; now they are left in the dark on the same shelfs as artificial flavors and fragrances.


This small library will shed some light on true nature of essential oils. We will share what other enthusiasts of essential oil use have discovered. In this library we will outline some of the most interesting ways to use them for mood enhancement, as a cosmetic and a medicinal aid. We will oppen your eyes to show their amazing powers in gardening and house plant care.


If you have a story to tell about essential oils, please share it with us.

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