Natural Perfume made from pure Essential Oils is a lovely way of wearing a completely natural and intoxicating perfume-dab. Purchase some of our Cosmetic Blend and you'll have luxurious, all-natural perfume, and you'll never reach for the synthetic stuff again.
Luckily, Mother Nature does a pretty sweet job at providing us with gorgeous, natural scents that are actually good for us to wear. Plus, they smell way better.


Each scent is hand blended and poured using only pure essential oils in a base of jojoba oil. No water or alcohol is used in our perfume oil concentrates. In keeping with our desire to provide the purest product possible we do not use chemical preservatives, stabilizers or additives.  As with all natural products it is recommended that EcoOils perfume not be stored in direct sunlight. Fragrances are best if used within one year after opening.





Natural Perfume
Frequently Asked Questions


What is natural perfume?
Fragrances made from natural ingredients such as essential oils and absolutes.  

What's the difference between natural perfume and perfume I buy at the mall?
"Mall perfumes" are mass produced and include synthetic aroma chemicals.  When these perfumes list notes of rose or sandalwood for example, they contain very little or NO actual rose or sandalwood.  These notes are created from synthetic aroma compounds, often from petrochemicals.


Why are natural perfumes so expensive?
The materials used to create these, are more expensive.  Many utilize beautiful rare natural extracts that are costly and difficult to source.  Rose oil (for example) is approximately $500 for 1 ounce. Unlike the mainstream perfume industry-which spends more on advertising than on the actual perfume-natural perfumers spend most of their budget on obtaining these incredible essences.


What is the shelf life of natural perfumes?
Ideally approximately 2-3 years.  After this time, it doesn't go "bad,” merely the top notes tend to dissipate over time leaving it with less strong than when it was first created.


What is the best way to store my perfume?
We recommend storing in a cool dark place away from heat, humidity and light.  This will help maintain its original state.


Do natural perfumes last as long on the skin as synthetic perfumes?
In a word, no.  Natural perfumes wear for a few hours and then need to be reapplied at the wearer's discretion. The treasure of Natural Perfume is - it is not only perfume but also is excellent protection and nutrition for you skin. Oils has medical and cosmetic advantage for skin.


Do you offer samples?

We offer samples of all our products for sale in stores. 





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